Today in the city Hayden 20.02.2018

Donald Trump is our first porno president

Donald J. Trump is America's first pornographic president. Sure, JFK and Bill Clinton lived lives of debauchery in and out of the White House. But Kennedy's sex life was a pastiche of WASP glamour, en...

Fifty Shades and the secret compromises of women

It's an uncomfortable fact that at the very moment the #MeToo movement advocates for equal treatment in the workplace, women are rushing to theaters to watch the final movie of the Fifty Shades trilog...

Hidden Brain: Airline Delays

A study finds that flight delays and late arrivals have gone down since 1990. At the same time, airlines have increased scheduled flight times because flights are taking longer, and more time is spent...

Trump has endorsed Mitt Romney — the man he once called the 'dumbest and worst candidate in history'

President Donald Trump endorsed Mitt Romney in his run for a Senate seat in Utah. Trump urged people to vote for Romney in 2012, but the two criticized each other heavily during the 2016 election camp...

Librarian of Congress Giving Presentation at Marshall

Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden will be making a presentation at Marshall University this week, and the school says its satellite libraries will operate on a modified schedule for the day.

Fire reignites at Martinez apartment building

A fire reignited early Monday in the same apartment building in Martinez where a blaze had burned a day before when a resident left a stove unattended, authorities said. The second f...

Newspaper headlines: Bafta power-dressing and 'hidden' calories

Monday's papers cover the obesity crisis, Oxfam scandal and black dresses worn at last night's Baftas.

Researchers discover hidden details lurking beneath a Picasso masterpiece

There are many layers to great art — sometimes literally.  We are reminded of this fact by researchers at the Art Institute of Chicago's Center for Scientific Studies in the Arts, who have reveal...

There Is Probably A Hidden Infinity Stone In 'Black Panther'

A theory says there might be an Infinity Stone, the Soul Stone, hidden in Black Panther's Wakanda. But where?

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